A minimally invasive cutaneous drain
For increasingly common abscesses, as well as cysts, seroma, hematoma, and more

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to Use
  • Versatile Design
  • Save Space
  • Made in the USA

Using the Derma-Stent™

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Clinical Trial Complete!

A randomized controlled clinical trial comparing Derma-Stent (25 patients) to standard packing gauze (25 patients) for abscess treatment has been completed at Wayne State University. While the full manuscript is pending, a new article has been published by the Journal of Emergency Medicine describing the first documented use of the Derma-Stent in a human patient. For more info on the trial, please visit the trial link at the US National Library of Medicine website here.

Read the newly published journal article here on Derma-Stent’s first documented human case.



1) Drain the site using 1 or 2 incisions.

2) Measure the site along the Derma-Stent™. Cut to appropriate size.

3) Insert Derma-Stent™ into cavity.

4) Remove Derma-Stent™ in accordance with clinician instructions.

Product Codes

DMT – cutaneous drain.

Derma-Stents come individually packaged and are latex free. Mar-Med minimum order is 1 box of 20 units.

(Covered by US Patent No. D800902 and EUROPEAN Patent No. 003381771-0001. Other patents pending.)

Makes A Difference

Variability exists in treatment of cutaneous infection and injury like abscess, cyst, seroma and hematoma, but incision and drainage is most common. Wound packing is thought to keep abscess walls separated and allow drainage by preventing premature closure.  But it is painful and often requires clinician removal. Bartholin cysts are commonly treated with a Word catheter, which is costly and known to fall out prematurely. A new less invasive method is performed by tying a “loop drain” through two small incisions with a vessel loop or Penrose drain. Existing literature already suggests this method provides lower failure rates, potential for less pain, decreased scarring, and lower healthcare utilization costs.

Our Solution

Mar-Med’s Derma-Stent was designed with the benefits of the minimally invasive method, but can be used with one or two incisions and does not need to be tied to remain in place. A clinical trial has recently demonstrated the comfort and efficacy of the device. Therefore, Derma-Stent can replace packing gauze, penrose drain, loop drain and word catheters, while saving cost and improving care.


“The patients report no significant discomfort from the placement or removal. Some say they didn’t even realize it’s there. Much better than packing and re-packing wounds!”

Erik Soiferman DO


“Wonderful product, less pain, easy to use.”

Brian Kipe MD


Dr. Gaddis was a key influencer in the creation of our Derma-Stent™ product.

Gary Gaddis MD


Commentary on the Derma-Stent on ERcast by Dr. Rob Orman

Product Media


Derma-Stent Case Article

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