Tourni - Cot

Our Tourni-Cot ring is the original digit tourniquet. Tourni-Cots make it both safe and easy to occlude vessels during surgery. Tourni-Cot rings are simple to apply and exanguinate by exerting pressure as they roll proximally onto the digit. Once in place the ring applies reliable pressure to maintain a bloodless field, thereby improving the result of a procedure.

Available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes, the Tourni-Cot has been commonly used by surgeons, podiatrists, and in emergency rooms around the world for over 20 years.

The Tourni-Cot is a non-pneumatic digit tourniquet used to temporarily control venous and arterial circulation to a digit.

All Tourni-Cots come individually packaged, sterilized and sealed in a Tyvek pouch. A warning label is attached to each ring. This warning label both identifies the device and provides a reference to the instructions for use.

Tourni-Cots are made from an elasticized silicone polymer, making them completely latex free, non-allergenic, and extremely durable. The Tourni-Cot is easily removed by severing the ring at its specially designed access notch.

Doctors prefer using the Tourni-Cot because it is easy to use and saves time.  The Tourni-Cot is simpler and more effective than a penrose drain or surgical glove, as well as other improvised devices.

A hand surgeon specially designed the Tourni-Cot due to the burden and risk of other methods.  For over 20 years doctors have agreed that the Tourni-Cot™ improves care by reliably creating a bloodless field, and helping procedures go smoothly.

Our Tourni-Cot was specifically designed to reduce the risks of excessive pressure and excessive duration of use. Our four color-coded sizes make it easy to choose the correct size Tourni-Cot. And with bright coloration and an attached warning tag, our Tourni-Cots are almost impossible to forget on a digit.

A recent study by the United Kingdom's National Health Service (NHS) recognized this and determined that "CE marked digital tourniquets which are labeled and/or brightly coloured should be used, in accordance with manufacturers instructions. Surgical gloves should not be used as tourniquets."

Orders are accepted by phone, fax, or email upon request. We are currently in the process of implementing an EDI Solution.


20 units per box.


  • Order # TCS : Small size
  • Order # TCM : Medium size
  • Order # TCL : Large size
  • Order # TXL : Extra large size
  • Order # TMX : Mixed boxes available upon request.