Uni-Cot -

Makes it safe and easy to achieve hemostasis on digits

• One Size Fits All

• Quick Hemostasis

• Easy Application

• Minimize Risks

Makes a Difference


Digit injuries commonly have high complication rates

38% of Foreign Bodies are missed on first visit (EM Clinics NA, 2007)

Facilitates the use of tissue adhesives, simplifying care and reducing visits

Supported by the NHS

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"Use only CE marked tourniquets which are labeled and/or brightly coloured to enhance visibility. Surgical gloves should not be used for this purpose."

- UK NHS, National Patient Safety Agency


  • Jerry Marogil

    • Sales Director - Mar-Med Co.

    "We are excited to offer the Uni-Cot as an addition to our longstanding Tourni-Cot family of products. It can save physicians time and money in their procedures. Samples are available upon request."

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