Tourni-Cot -

Makes it safe and easy to achieve hemostasis on digits


• Simple and Easy to Use

• Quick Hemostasis

• Professional Appearance

• Minimize Risks

Makes a Difference


Digit injuries commonly have high complication rates

38% of Foreign Bodies are missed on first visit (EM Clinics NA, 2007)

Facilitates the use of tissue adhesives, simplifying care and reducing visits

Supported by the NHS

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"Use only CE marked tourniquets which are labeled and/or brightly coloured to enhance visibility. Surgical gloves should not be used for this purpose."

- UK NHS, National Patient Safety Agency



  • Dr. Tony Nguyen

    • Orthopedic Surgery, Arizona

    "The Tourni-Cot makes my life easier. Don't bother prepping an arm or rigging improvised tourniquets. It's safe, fast, and effective. It's that simple."

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Product Specs


TCS - small is typically used on very small digits and pediatric patients. 

TCM - medium is used typically on women's and small adult digits. 

TCL - large is our most commonly used size for adult digits. 

TXL - extra-large is used for very large digits and big toes.


Tourni-Cots come individually packaged and sterile in boxes of 20. They are latex free and have a warning tag attached to each ring, not to be removed. Mixed size boxes are available and come in 5 of each size unless a specific mix is requested.