Balloon Extractor -

Makes it easy to remove foreign bodies from nasal cavities 

• Easy Extraction

• Atraumatic

• Ready to Use

• Cost Effective

The Cat is Out of the Bag


In case you haven't heard the news...

The cat is out of the bag!

We've introduced our own lower-priced version called the Balloon Extractor. To request samples, visit You don't need to be a stray!


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    Renee Weier BSN, RN

    • Director of ER, St. Agnes Hospital

    "We recently used the Balloon Extractor on a toddler and our provider was able to remove the foreign body from the nose easily. This saved the patient from having to be sedated and taken to day surgery for removal."

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BEX Packaging

The Balloon Extractor comes individually packaged in a box of 10 units. The syringe is specially adapted to prevent over-inflation. The catheter comes covered in a protective sheath. Assembly is quick and easy: simply screw the two parts together and begin use.


BEX Instructions